Mach Ten Computer Products offers our customers a wide range of computer, network and video security services.

Professional Computer Service with a Personal Touch.

We are committed to providing our customers the best value for their money when it comes to servicing their computer systems.  Regardless of whether you are a business client of ours or a personal computer owner, we offer fast and responsive service and will get the job done right.  We only charge you for the time that we are at your site with never any in-transit hourly fees*

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Professional Computer Cleaning

Most business and home computer users never consider that the inside of their computers get very dirty.  This can have long term effects on the performance and life of electronic equipment. With our professional computer cleaning service your computer is cleaned inside and out. All dust and dirt buildup is removed from major inside components and fans.  The outside of your computer system is cleaned with products specifically designed to remove dirt and other buildups from your computer case, keyboard and mouse.

State of the Art Video Security Hardware and Software

In today’s troubled times its important for you to look after your customers and employees.  With the security cameras and software systems that we sell we can help you maintain the piece of mind that is so important to many business owners.

Cost effective Business Forms to Meet Any Need

With our outside printing service we can provide your business with any of your printing needs including but not limited to: business forms, letter head, holiday greeting cards, and much, much more.

*We presently have a small gas surcharge that we add to all on-site service calls.

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  • We now carry Motion Computing tablet computer systems
  • 2006 service pricing added.
  • Weather Outlook Add-On Patches ready for download.